Saturday, November 20, 2010

Beery goodness

As part of my commitment to improving the quality of life around here, I have recently decided to have another crack at making beer. We used to make it at our old house; at one stage we had hundreds of litres of ale stored in the shed. I can honestly say that I preferred most of my brews to the retail beers.
We never seemed to get going here. I made a few brews, early on, but they got steadily worse in quality and I couldn't seem to work it out. Sick of pouring smelly beer into the compost, I started buying factory beers again.
Yesterday, I cleaned and sterilised all of my old gear, and proceeded to make a brew. I thought I'd had a crack at a dark ale. I'd bought the ingredients a few weeks ago. I took my time over the cleaning, and the brewing, focusing on each step as I progressed. I was hoping for success, but uncertain as to the roadworthiness of my old equipment. Nevertheless, the process seemed to pass without incident.
This morning, when I went and checked, the beer was bubbling away happily.
So far, so good!

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