Sunday, January 1, 2012

Last gig of the year

Last night I saw off 2011 by playing an early show at The Dan. It was a stinking hot evening and, although the pub was air conditioned, it was hot and sweaty up on the stage...
I'd not been feeling 100% in the lead up to the show. I'd pinged my back on Boxing Day morning and had been relying on pain-killers for a few days. Whether it was the tablets, the Christmas excesses, or the heat, I don't know, but in the days leading up to Hogmanay I felt about as energetic as Jabba the Hut. Rehearsing wasn't easy, and I couldn't decide on songs or instrument(s). I was concerned that I might resemble a shambles come showtime.
As it turned out, I strapped on the trusty 12-string and harmonica, played a complete one-hour set of originals, and seemed to go down pretty well; especially with my friends who had braved the scorched-earth conditions and ventured out.
I enjoyed a few ice cold pints of Guinness afterwards, watching and listening to the other acts, happy that the job was done, and done to my satisfaction.

Bye bye, 2011. It's been real.

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