Monday, January 23, 2012

Sweat Lodge

Hot. I am trying to resist the call of the air conditioner. Going solar has made me a bit more careful about using electricity from the grid. Perhaps too careful about using electricity from the grid. And the aircon chews heaps of power.
It's going to reach 38 today, and is tipped to be 37 tomorrow. Only 34 for the rest of the week though, so I'll be searching for my thermals.
I've tried to fight it today, but these brick houses are really just large ovens, and once they heat up they stay hot. The fans have done half a job, but not enough. It will be the air conditioning tomorrow, for sure.
This was a well-intentioned, but awfully sweaty, mistake...


  1. turn the bloody air conditioner on!

  2. Indeed. It was a vainglorious attempt, at best. That was sort of the idea behind the post...