Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mawson: Day 13 - Full steam ahead!

After the joy of the previous day, I was hoping for good riding and rude health for the Rawnsley leg. I'd slept OK, and Ray and I blew out of town a little earlier than usual. The penultimate day is a pretty tough gig, and I wasn't sure how it would pan out.
The no-man's land section outside of Hawker is a beautiful landscape, filled with great scenery and good riding. There's a big climb up around Mernmerna Hill before travelling across the top and then contemplating the huge downhill at Mt Little. I generally don't contemplate it for very long...
The erstwhile sandy section was relatively easy to traverse this time around; the creek beds were forgiving. Kangaroos hopped about the place, almost oblivious to our presence.
The Moralana Scenic Drive might be a nice way to spend your afternoon if you are seated in your 4WD, listening to music and drinking Coke, but it remains a pain in the backside to ride. Literally. Having said that, it improved after the first eight kilometres.
The dirt road into Rawnsley is a horrible way to finish the day, definitely the worst last leg of the trip, so I was happy to make camp.
Last day tomorrow... almost there.

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