Friday, May 6, 2011

Mawson: Days Six/Seven: Even nowhere is somewhere

Burra to Tooralie was a pretty good ride. We left on time, and rode pretty well through the ups and downs to morning tea, and onwards via the detour to lunch. Some sections of the Mawson were impassable so alternate routes were necessary. The afternoon section was great - real riding through real off road territory. Middle of nowhere stuff. It was another coolish, but not unpleasant day. We got to Tooralie homestead around 12.30 and spent the afternoon in the company of Mr Pale Ale. Dinner was the usual affair but I was starting to crave some solitude. Human beings en masse can sometimes prove tiring. It was a very cold night but I was toasty warm in my tent - I was wearing about a hundred layers of clothing. I did wake up sometime in the night with a sore throat - I hope it passes quickly.
I'd expected that Friday morning would see the campsite freezing and immersed in mist. I was only half right - it wasn't foggy. The ride was fun. It was only 55 kilometres, with some good riding along the way; a little bit of work without breaking me in two. The stiff climb up between the giant wind generators kept me honest. We rode along the Bundaleer Channels on the way into Spalding but we didn't suffer the hardship of punctures. We arrived before lunch, did our chores and then visited the local pub. A bigger day tomorrow, after a fair-sized feast tonight I think. Today has been a warmish blue sky day - long may it continue.

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