Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The rhythm of life...

The sun rises.
Get up, shower, shave, get dressed, tidy rooms. Turn heater on - it's cold in the house. Watch Tour de France for a bit. Make toast and marmalade for breakfast. Take dog for a walk in the pale sunshine. Chat with neighbours. Tidy the garden. Go to the shops for a couple of things. Listen to podcasts while walking. Start drafting a cycling article. Enjoy leftover stew for lunch. Watch an episode of The Wire. Update website. Stuff around in the shed. Fix up some cupboards. Listen to The Jam. Tidy and sort the music room. Drink wine. Chat with my brother. Become friends with Nasty Nigel via Facebook. Listen to the Happy Mondays. Make a curry. Eat a curry. Watch Corrie.
The sun sets.

Now it is time to go and make some music!


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