Thursday, April 29, 2010

Live at the Metro!

Tuesday nights. For many, a wasteland of unfulfilled weekend potential coupled with workaday blues. Thank heavens that we, the lucky ones, have music to stave off the grim realities.
The new open mic session at the Metropolitan Hotel kicked off on Tuesday night. A good-sized crowd of performers and listeners came along, and it was a pleasure to take the stage about half-way through the evening. I played a few of my own, including a brand new song - tentatively entitled Wish I Was You - before singing Working Class Hero and Around and Around with a couple of my musical mates, Stewart and Lindsay respectively. The venue appears to be a friendly & supportive environment and will provide encouragement to all performers, be they newbies or old salts. All up it was jolly good fun and something I am keen to repeat. Tuesdays are back.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The loneliness of the long distance author

Another weekend has been and gone. A long one, as it happens. Football teams have won and lost, and Alan Sillitoe has died. The days are shortening and the weather is cooling. We are all, like it or not, getting older. Except Alan Sillitoe. RIP.
I went for a ride on my bike on Sunday, to try and regain some of the fitness I have lost over the last few weeks. I took a photo of a rather impressive rainbow at the top of a big climb. I managed to dodge the rain...
The fruits of our vegetable garden were put to good use last night; we made ratatouille using eggplant, and put our capsicums, chillies, basil and more eggplant to good use in our evening meal - eggplant parmigiana. I am looking forward to getting better acquainted with both the garden and the kitchen over my long break. It can't come too soon.

Friday, April 23, 2010

St George's Day

Autumn. It's more like the last breath of summer as this week has been up in the high twenties. Warm again today, although cloudy with a chance of rain later.
I watched a Glenn Tilbrook documentary last night - showing him tour the USA in a motorhome. Looked like fun.
I presented another Songwriters' Workshop on Tuesday night. The best one yet - Ronnie Taheny was a great special guest, the audience were engaged, and the songwriters' circle segment was good fun too.
Tickets for both the Adelaide and Melbourne Paul Weller concerts in October have been booked. His new album came through today and I am immersing myself in it as I type...
Only a week to go now - I'll soon be free!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Always busy...

I made my 50th live musical appearance since July 1 last week - I played a show at Higher Ground in the city. I had a groovy time, and the audience seemed to dig what I was doing. Just me, the 12-string, and a bit of harmonica. Catherine sang with me on one song, which added an extra dimension. No covers, just eight David originals. As it should be.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The countdown is on.

Well, here we are then. I've never really blogged before but I like the idea of keeping a journal of my thoughts and actions over the next six months of my life. Six months where I am away from work, attempting to live life as I would if I didn't have a job (but still had some money). Filling my days with music, books, and fresh air. I am hoping for six months of enrichment, creativity, good habits and hard work. The great adventure begins in less than a fortnight...