Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Well, it hasn't been without its hectic moments but, so far, the festive period has been a jolly old time.
Friends, family, eating, drinking, Christmas specials, more eating, gifts, overseas phone calls, Christmas CDs and, most of all, a genuine sense of kindness prevailing over all.
No real chance of Peace on Earth, but it's been pretty peaceful around here...

Friday, December 23, 2011

All good things...

Well, that's it for a while. We played six songs last night, had some fun, and now it is time for Christmas.
It's been a busy week. The radio spots with Cath Kenneally (Radio Adelaide) and Michael Hunter (Three D) went well, and the gigs were a blast. The EP launch was the highlight - we only have a few copies remaining - and I can only hope that Shining Light becomes someone's favourite, somewhere in the world. More copies have been ordered, so hopefully we'll have some in the New Year to help create interest in the Yours Truly album. That one should be out in April, with launches in Adelaide and Sydney if we can swing it.
We've also applied for our first festival gig, so we'll see what comes of that.

But, for now, it's time to sit back and relax. For at least a couple of weeks. I'm tired.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Yours Truly all over again...

Tonight the roles were reversed; we took our turn, supporting John McCall at his CD launch.
While not reaching the heady heights of last night, for the obvious reasons, we still had a blast. John's crowd were there in numbers, we did what we did without fuss or bother, and no-one threw bottles at us. Werewolves of London was fun.

Yours Truly - Shining Light

It's early. I'm exhausted. I feel great.

Last night was one of those times when everything seems to fall into place. The Shining Light CD launch at The Grace Emily went like a song. Funny about that.
Good people, plenty of them, good music, good vibes and good pints (plenty of them, too).
The Grace is a terrific venue. Such a groovy room and, thankfully, it doesn't take too many bodies to fill it up nicely.
John McCall did a great job up front, and Ken and I managed to get through our set with the usual levels of enthusiasm and bonhomie. It is my considered opinion that people very much enjoyed their evening. I know I did.
It's days (nights, actually) like yesterday that remind me why being a songer-singwriter is worthwhile.
Thank you, one and all.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

International Swingers

Last Wednesday I went down The Gov to see Glen Matlock and his mates. The International Swingers describe themselves as a punk supergroup and, although that might be slightly overstating things, there is a degree of pedigree there. Apart from Matlock, co-writer of just about all of the Sex Pistols best songs, the band boasts Clem Burke (legendary drummer from Blondie), Gary Twinn (oz-rockers Supernaut), and James Stevenson (The Cult, Generation X).
After a slightly disjointed start, things improved as the band and the crowd warmed to the occasion. Songs included Dancing With Myself, Call Me, I Like It Both Ways, All the Young Dudes and Hangin' on the Telephone. Burke seemed to be enjoying himself immensely, and I think Matlock is making the most of yet another Indian summer. It will probably never make up for being booted out of the Pistols, but I suspect he's doing OK. The evening's rousing finale was based around songs performed by the Sex Pistols back in the day, including the classics God Save the Queen and Pretty Vacant, as well as No Fun (Stooges) and C'mon Everybody (Eddie Cochran). Members of the audience were invited up onto the stage for a quick pogo, and it was all very sociable.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Higher Ground

The latest album to be assembled and unleashed by the Songwriters, Composers and Lyricists Association was launched earlier this evening. Higher Ground is SCALA's 10th CD, and I have been lucky enough to have had eight of my songs find their way into peoples' consciousness via this esteemed collective.
On the new album, you can hear me as part of Yours Truly performing my song Shining Light, a song that has its own launch next week. Yep, Yours Truly are in town next week, armed with copies of the brand new five-track Shining Light EP.

The SCALA launch was great fun. It was only a small audience, quite different to some of the previous mega-launches, but a good time nonetheless. All the quality people were there.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Slack Alice

crazy times with gigs and mountainbikeriding and the madness that comes with owning a house. rescued a baby bird and watched it live in the front garden for a couple of days after having to cover it with a sheet in the middle of the road with cars coming to kill it and listening to mother bird up on high calling and waiting for a response but unable to help the poor thing actually fly. noel gallagher in melbourne tickets booked for end of january. i have a cd launch whatever that is tomorrow night and another on tuesday with my mate ken the eternal urban guerilla stewart. come to the grace emily i promise it will be great. went solar. bought the proclaimers first album sunshine on leith on vinyl for nothing and listened it's actually good. rode my scooter and for a few moments i was the ace face. cooking, planning, working, working and bloody working sometimes everything seems like work. trying to stay happy and balanced in the face of idiocy. george sanders/tom conway falcon films arrived via ebay - oh boy if only i could be that cool with cigars and suits and murder solving. easy when you know how. vegetable garden booming. oh yeah watched melancholia best film i have seen this year. plenty more but i forget. weather here wish you were fine.