Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Yours Truly - Shining Light

It's early. I'm exhausted. I feel great.

Last night was one of those times when everything seems to fall into place. The Shining Light CD launch at The Grace Emily went like a song. Funny about that.
Good people, plenty of them, good music, good vibes and good pints (plenty of them, too).
The Grace is a terrific venue. Such a groovy room and, thankfully, it doesn't take too many bodies to fill it up nicely.
John McCall did a great job up front, and Ken and I managed to get through our set with the usual levels of enthusiasm and bonhomie. It is my considered opinion that people very much enjoyed their evening. I know I did.
It's days (nights, actually) like yesterday that remind me why being a songer-singwriter is worthwhile.
Thank you, one and all.

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