Sunday, December 18, 2011

International Swingers

Last Wednesday I went down The Gov to see Glen Matlock and his mates. The International Swingers describe themselves as a punk supergroup and, although that might be slightly overstating things, there is a degree of pedigree there. Apart from Matlock, co-writer of just about all of the Sex Pistols best songs, the band boasts Clem Burke (legendary drummer from Blondie), Gary Twinn (oz-rockers Supernaut), and James Stevenson (The Cult, Generation X).
After a slightly disjointed start, things improved as the band and the crowd warmed to the occasion. Songs included Dancing With Myself, Call Me, I Like It Both Ways, All the Young Dudes and Hangin' on the Telephone. Burke seemed to be enjoying himself immensely, and I think Matlock is making the most of yet another Indian summer. It will probably never make up for being booted out of the Pistols, but I suspect he's doing OK. The evening's rousing finale was based around songs performed by the Sex Pistols back in the day, including the classics God Save the Queen and Pretty Vacant, as well as No Fun (Stooges) and C'mon Everybody (Eddie Cochran). Members of the audience were invited up onto the stage for a quick pogo, and it was all very sociable.

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