Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Slack Alice

crazy times with gigs and mountainbikeriding and the madness that comes with owning a house. rescued a baby bird and watched it live in the front garden for a couple of days after having to cover it with a sheet in the middle of the road with cars coming to kill it and listening to mother bird up on high calling and waiting for a response but unable to help the poor thing actually fly. noel gallagher in melbourne tickets booked for end of january. i have a cd launch whatever that is tomorrow night and another on tuesday with my mate ken the eternal urban guerilla stewart. come to the grace emily i promise it will be great. went solar. bought the proclaimers first album sunshine on leith on vinyl for nothing and listened it's actually good. rode my scooter and for a few moments i was the ace face. cooking, planning, working, working and bloody working sometimes everything seems like work. trying to stay happy and balanced in the face of idiocy. george sanders/tom conway falcon films arrived via ebay - oh boy if only i could be that cool with cigars and suits and murder solving. easy when you know how. vegetable garden booming. oh yeah watched melancholia best film i have seen this year. plenty more but i forget. weather here wish you were fine.

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