Sunday, April 29, 2012

Musically speaking...

Steve Poltz, wondering who the stalker is.
In the time that has passed since my Fringe gig, I have managed to keep myself very busy musically, without actually performing anywhere...
I have set myself a target of writing a song a month in 2012, and so far I am going OK with it. Three months down, three songs completed. It doesn't sound like much, but it's a huge improvement on my recent output. I entered one of these songs - What in the World? - into the "Songs for Social Justice" songwriting competition, run by the Alistair Hulett Memorial Fund. It didn't win, but they sent a nice letter thanking me for my efforts.
I have been learning and rehearsing Paul Weller's Wild Wood, a song that I have wanted to do live for ages. I am trying to get a few covers polished and safely stored in the memory banks, as there are going to be times when they come in handy, even for a committed player of originals like myself.
I have managed to acquire a couple of beautiful guitars. An Epiphone Sheraton II and an Epiphone Les Paul Ultra. Now I just need to find the time to play them. I also bought the new Paul Weller album and have been flogging that incessantly.
I went along to Thebarton Town Hall, my favourite venue, to see The Specials. What a brilliant night that was!
I've submitted a few poems to a new magazine that was looking for contributions. Fingers crossed on that one. A few of my journalistic efforts have been published; It is always nice to see the fruits of one's labour appear in print. I'll be a famous writer yet, I tells ya!
As part of my SCALA civic duty, I ran a songwriters' workshop that featured Rob Pippan; founder member of the Zep Boys, professional songwriter, studio owner, ace guitarist, and loads more besides. It was a successful evening and a great way to kick off our 2012 series of free events for Adelaide's songwriting community.
I ventured once more into the studio and recorded one of my songs, Wish I Was You, which is destined for release on the next SCALA album.
In April I went and saw Steve Poltz, who was every bit as good as I'd hoped he'd be. I have his very enjoyable Live at the Basement DVD, so I had an idea of what to expect. I got all that, and a little more.
Despite the paucity of performance, there are gigs in the pipeline. I have a couple of Yours Truly shows lined up in Sydney next weekend so I have been preparing for that. I have also received some exciting news that could see me performing to brand new audiences around the country. Can't say too much yet though...

So, yeah, lots going on really.

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