Monday, June 25, 2012

All manner of things...

It's been a busy few weeks for this ol' boy. A few gigs here and there, with most going well. Writing, recording, playing, composing, admin (oh the admin!) - there just aren't enough hours in the day.

The first train trip worked out fine, and I am off again tomorrow for another Cody Pomeray-style jaunt to Sydney and back on the Indian Pacific. Well, at least that's how I like to think of it...

Last Monday I finished my recording of Wish I Was You for the next SCALA CD. I recorded it at Rob Pippan's studio and it has come up a treat. A nice heavy sound, without being too big; a bit of a departure from most of my recent studio efforts. I hope listeners enjoy it.

I've been tidying up my own home studio; my dream is to turn it into a small space that I can spend hours in, immersed in good vibes. Shabby Road Studios, the place I wanna be.

I haven't been to too many gigs, but I did get to see Steve Poltz for a second time. Shame it was the same night as Ralph McTell's last-ever Adelaide concert but I'd already organised the Poltz gig. I did pick up some Ralph McTell vinyl the other day though, as a sort of compensation. Three albums, all mint condition, $3.95 each. Plus I bought The Runaways' Queen's of Noise vinyl through eBay.

I had a poem published in Spur Magazine, and have been entertaining notions of self-publishing a book of poetry. Vanity, anyone? Perhaps that will have to wait for a little while. My write-a-song-each-month challenge is going OK, but I need to do some more work there.

This weekend I have a gig at the Daniel O'Connell in North Adelaide and I am also part of a Battle of the Bands judging panel. But I'll get the train ride out of the way first...

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