Monday, November 12, 2012

Transcontinental man

I get around.

It's been an extremely busy time since the middle of the year. I'd decided that I was going to seek out as many opportunities to play as I could, rather than sit around lamenting the dearth of venues willing to take a gamble on original music. Of course, I figured that I'd have to make some compromises in terms of what I would play, and the type of venue I'd play at, and the amount/type of consideration for which I'd be happy to play...

Since winding myself up and heading out I've played on trains, in cafes, in pubs, under marquees, at markets and in halls. I've played in the Northern Territory, New South Wales, Western Australia and South Australia. I've played when I've been feeling happy, sad, energetic, tired, ill and workman-like. I've played for decent money, for pizza, for train rides, for beer and for free. I've played in front of big crowds, and to empty rooms. I have played.
By my reckoning, I've done 64 shows in 135 days since July 1.

I'm a bit tired, what with a day job also requiring some attention, but this is exactly what I planned to do. It's all part of getting myself set up for 2013.

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