Monday, July 7, 2014

Finger on the Poltz

When Steve Poltz is in town, it makes sense to do whatever it takes in order for you to get to see him. Poltz is a one-off; a one-man melting pot of myriad musical styles and sentiments. Mainly, he's hilarious and irreverent but he is also considered, aware, congruent, hard-working and real.
I was aware of Steve Poltz for some time before I managed to see him. There were a couple of tours where his show dates didn't match my availability. I had a DVD, Live at The Basement, which served as a fairly good introduction to his live show. I also had a few of his records. I've been to a few Poltz gigs in recent years and I have never failed to be impressed.
Steve Poltz and me at the old Jade Monkey
Last month he played at new incarnation of The Jade Monkey in the city, and I'm confident that his three-hour show impressed all in attendance, new fans and old. His straight-up love songs meshed perfectly with his crazy slices of life eg "Folk Singer", a brand new song. Even the stuff he made up on the spot was consumate. Song after song, from the sublime to the ridiculous, he just kept on going. "Dick's Automotive", "You Were Meant For Me", "Sugar Boogers", "Kicking Distance" et al. Such amazing energy and love for his craft. Part-professional village idiot, part-supremely well-organised showman.
It was just after midnight when we braved the chilly night air; full of the joys of Poltz. I hope he comes back soon.

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