Thursday, March 8, 2012

in my studio

The pace of things lately has meant that I have been hot-tin-roofing from one thing to another with almost zero preparation. Without me realising, last Sunday arrived and afforded me less that 48 hours to write and record a song for the Alistair Hulett Memorial Fund's Songs for Social Justice competition. In addition, it was the end of February and I still hadn't delivered a February song, in line with my commitment to write at least one song per month in 2012. The pressure was on.
I'd been bouncing a few ideas around in my almost empty skull for a while, so I dragged together a song called What in the World?
By Sunday night it was pretty much done, lyrically and musically. Simple, but quite effective, in my opinion.
Monday was spent reacquainting myself with Shabby Road Studios, and recording the song. Performer, arranger, engineer and producer. Piece of cake.
I got to use my Telecaster on a recording for the first time, which was nice.
I sent the song off just after tea on the Monday evening, relatively happy with how it ended up.

Instant Karma, baby.

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