Friday, February 17, 2012

last night's gig

I played at Higher Ground last night. I think it was my first gig of the year.
I'd made the decision earlier in the week that I was going to play a set that didn't include a single song from my A Drop in the Ocean album, just to see if I had enough other songs to do the job.
A Drop in the Ocean
was a sort of bringing together of all my recorded work to that point, so I was keen to see if I'd written enough decent songs in the decade following its release to fill a short set. Pathetic really; such is the paucity of my songwriting in more recent times...
Some of the songs were a bit of a stretch, but I managed to acquit myself with a modicum of aplomb. It was refreshing to please a (small) audience with a bunch of songs I don't always play, certainly not collectively.
The set did include my latest composition, I Never Noticed, and I just about managed to get it out without breaking down. Good on me.

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