Thursday, February 16, 2012

on the radio

I did a little spot on Radio Adelaide last Saturday. It's usually a pleasant way to spend a little earlymorning time, talking about oneself and playing a couple of songs, and this experience was no different.
Not a great deal of talking this time around though; what I did have to say was squeezed between two performances on the 12-string. I think the broadcast was running behind schedule. Suits me, I don't generally have that much to say in any event. Well, I guess I do, but who wants to listen to the ramblings of a vaguely intelligent but definitely different individual?
As well as playing Shining Light, I debuted a brand new song called I Never Noticed. I blogged about this song, thinking it was finished, over a year ago. Well, after numerous rewrites and rearrangements, it is written now.
I think I'll play it live next week. I hope someone notices...

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