Sunday, May 13, 2012

Gadding about in Sydney

During the daylight hours of our Sydney trip, we behaved like proper tourists. We walked across the bridge, hung around the Opera House, and went to Luna Park. We also strolled, in beautiful autumnal weather, through the Botanic Gardens, visited Mrs Macquarie's Chair, and spent some time at the Museum of Contemporary Art.
We caught a ferry over to Manly, enjoyed a wander to the markets, had a coffee, and came back a few hours later.
We had some good meals, and a few pints. One particularly welcome thirst quencher went down at The Orient, a pub I'd visited the best part of 20 years' ago. Twenty. I'm getting old, of that there is no doubt. I had another Guinness at "Sydney's Oldest Pub", Fortune of War. They had a fellow there singing and playing crowd-pleasers on his acoustic guitar. It reminded me of the job that awaits me on Great Southern Rail.
We stood on the 45th floor of our hotel and admired the views.Because we could.

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