Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mods Mayhem 2012 - Sydney

Sydney is a great place to visit. Like London, you can entertain yourself for days on end without really having to dip into the coffers too deeply. There's so much to see and do for free, provided you are fit enough to walk. Also like London, it is very easy to drop shedloads of cash, should you be in the mood...
We had four days and nights up there last week, combining the Sydney Mods Mayday events, a couple of gigs of my own, and some easygoing tourism.

The trip was book-ended with Yours Truly performances. The first was a Thursday show at the Kogarah Hotel, where Ken and I played a 40-minute set sometime towards the end of the evening. We'd had our regulation one rehearsal, and it was encouraging to see how well our songs held together on stage. I think we went OK; the punters seemed to like us.
Our second show was on Sunday at the Union Hotel in Enmore, where we finished off a three band performance afternoon. Steph Miller's Winterstation and the Urban Guerillas - Ken's other band - preceded us, and rocked the place. We were just as noisy, but without the drums and bass. At least for the first part. Sensing that the weekend revelers wanted some more rock and roll, we invited the other Guerillas up for a four-song set that featured a rendition of Werewolves of London which went down well. I also played Paul Weller's Wild Wood, for the first time ever. It can be a bit underwhelming when your cover versions are the high points of the evening, but such is life.

Despite my fears, my guitar made it to Sydney and back via QANTAS and Virgin without getting smashed up. Which was nice.

Yours Truly have now played Sydney. Tomorrow, the world!

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