Monday, August 27, 2012

Some kind of wonderful...

Since getting back from Darwin I have been really, really struggling. Physically speaking, I haven't been at the races. Not worth a cracker. I've been so tired, too knackered to do anything discretionary. Shame really, because I've been a dynamo in the preceding weeks.
I was in Canberra last week and it was a labour. I felt like I was a hundred years old. I did manage a few pints in The Phoenix so my efforts brought some reward, it is fair to say.
I got home on Friday night and spent Saturday trying to get back into the swing of things; doing jobs, standing in the pissing rain at the footy, falling asleep in my chair when I should have been at the Northern Soul night, and watching United fall over the line.
I guess I needed to rest up a little.
Sunday and Monday were much better. I went busking for three hours in the winter sunshine, did my APRA return for 2011-12, visited King William Road to view the SALA exhibition, made a date loaf, organised gigs, got to grips with the lawns and garden, cooked a kind of laksa, played with my latest eBay arrivals (including Top of the Tots!), attended to my Honda, watched a great film in Hunger, learned some new songs, and took possession of the latest batch of David Robinson CDs. I can't believe how different the last couple of days has felt compared to the preceeding couple of weeks...
Perhaps I am back.

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