Monday, October 22, 2012

Original Hankster

I played at a Hank Williams celebration on Saturday night. I grabbed the opportunity when I saw that the good people at Country Music SA were looking for performers.
I love listening to Hank, and I play a couple his songs from time to time, so this seemed like a sensible thing to do. Plus I am committed to playing as often as I can, and I never say "no" to a gig if I can possibly help it.
It was a new thing for me though, in a lot of ways. I've never played a tribute show before, never played with a backing band - we met on the night - and I've never played a dedicated country gig. Embracing the spirit of adventure, I was looking forward to the experience.
It was great fun. I played a few songs, including the 'Luke the Drifter' number Men With Broken Hearts. I was a bit worried about that one, but it seemed to go down well. Quite a few people took the time to seek me out and have a chat after my short set, and that's generally a positive thing.
So I guess "I'm a little bit country" now, but it is back to the usual post-punk mod pop brit folk yeah baby mach schau sounds for this week's gigs.

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