Monday, October 1, 2012

Rose of Tarlee

As I played away at the drizzly Sunday Farmers' Market, I struck up a conversation with one of the stall holders. He asked me if I'd be interested in playing a show the next day. A day that I had rather hopefully earmarked as a day off. Being an enthusiastic sort of fellow though, I accepted his offer and 24 hours' later I was playing at the Labour Day Tarlee Community Market.
It was a little over an hour's drive from our place, and it was a delightful sunny spring morning. Once we'd broken free from the urban sprawl, I was once again marveling at the green and yellow fields, lying under blue, perfect skies.
The fair was already buzzing when I arrived. I got myself organised, and set up in the open air in amongst the vibrant stalls. I played a one-hour set of originals, which seemd to go down well with browsers and purveyors of quality tat alike.
Satisfied with my early session, I took a short break and had a cup of tea and a brief walk around the picturesque setting. Eventually, I made my way to the food and drink area and played a couple of hours' worth of covers for the lunchtime crowd. I saw a few toes tapping and passers-by indicated their approval in most of the usual ways.
I had my guitar case open to act as my CD 'shop', and I felt a little weird when some folks stepped up and threw money in. This wasn't supposed to be a busking engagement, but once the money started coming in I couldn't really stop, close my case, or give it back... Oh well, who am I to try and tell folks what they can and can't spend their money on?
It was a great way to spend my time, despite the fact that I'd promised myself a lazy day off. There was still time for some of that when we arrived home.

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