Thursday, March 7, 2013


I've never worn optical glasses. Before now, that is. My eyes aren't too bad; a test I performed a few years back confirmed that my eyesight was as good as most. However, I think I've been fighting a losing battle in recent times - reading tiny fonts in poor light is a challenge, as is identifying the numbers on football players' backs when they are on the other side of the ground. A few weeks ago I decided it was time. I'd had a test done in October so I had a current prescription. Specsavers were offering the cheapest glasses so off I went.
I picked them up on Tuesday.
Hot damn, there's a whole new world out there. The closest comparison I can make is that it was like switching from analogue to high-definition TV. They don't look too bad either.
I doubt I'll be wearing them all the time, but I do expect they will usually be within reach.

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