Saturday, March 30, 2013

Queens Head

I'd been trying to make contact with The Queens Head in Belper for months, hoping to get a gig there while I was in town. I particularly wanted to play at the Queens Head because Andy White seems to appear there whenever he tours England, and because it's close to "home".
I'd received no responses to emails and the website contact form, and the pub was shut when I visited, so I'd pretty much given up any hope of playing. Just before I went to sleep on Wednesday night, I made one more effort, using a Facebook link I'd discovered, to contact the Queens Head about playing there...
It worked. There was a reply waiting when I awoke. All hail Zuckerberg.
We arrived at the pub after walking up from the marketplace, cold and uncertain. I had a pint. Lynn had a half. After asking around, we made our way upstairs to the venue. I introduced myself, and got sorted out. Everyone I spoke to was warm and friendly. What a great spot. Because of the last-minute nature of things, I had to borrow a guitar from a fellow performer. I'd had to do exactly the same in 2010 when I played in Derby. This time though, I didn't have plectrums, harmonica, capo, tuner etc. I, who have nothing. I had to borrow a pick.
With a sense of joy outweighing any anticipation, I took the stage around 9.45. I was wondering how I'd go down with the crowd. Everyone seemed to be up for a good time, so I rattled out a few of my favourites. The banter was good; I trotted out some of my travellers' tales between songs. It was great fun and the time flew. I finished with Say Goodbye and then said goodbye.
Audience reaction was positive, and feedback was good.
Now I can add The Queens Head, Chesterfield Road, Belper to the list of venues played.

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