Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Outback Odyssey - The second third

The second chapter of the 2013 Odyssey was a vast improvement on the first. Not only was I feeling better, fitness-wise, but the weather was a significant improvement on what had come before. My back had improved considerably after the rest day.
The ride from Burra to Hallett was long but enjoyable. Close to 100 kilometres, with the last stretch being the toughest, but I made it without drama.
The short burst to Spalding on Friday was fun, even the massive climb up through the wind turbines. I had a sense that my body and brain had clicked into gear.
Saturday's ride to Laura was also pretty good. Ups and downs, in and out of the Bundaleer Forest, and some sketchy stuff early.
On Sunday we enjoyed another sunny day as we made our way to Melrose. A shortish day, but with some decent climbs on the way into Melrose.
On Sunday night I spent a couple of hours with my guitar entertaining those who were happy to sit around the campfire. It was a late night, but my performance went down well.
Monday was a rest day. I slept in until 9.20 and missed breakfast. A day of chores (not many) and rest... All very pleasant.

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