Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Outback Odyssey - The third third

We were only two weeks from winter, so it wasn't a huge surprise when the weather turned ordinary again for the first two days of the last section of the Odyssey. We encountered fairly serious, impassable mud on the way in and out of Quorn. It was a case of picking up your bike and walking, or trying to push through it. It was similar on the way to Hawker.
I had an extra dimension to my trip. As I was leaving Quorn, in the early morning rain, my bike got stuck in a muddy patch. I couldn't turn the cranks. I couldn't remove my shoe from the pedal (mud build up) and I had a cleat fall, landing solidly on my left side. It hurt a fair bit, but I was resolved to riding this thing out. Especially as I had come so far. So I swore a little and carried on. Despite the fairly lousy weather, the rides to Quorn and Hawker were still enjoyable in the main.
The weather brightened a little for the penultimate day, and our big ride into Rawnsley was largely unaffected by damp or mud. I could, however, have done without the headwind as we rode the rocky, climby and seemingly endlessly juddering Moralana Tourist Drive though. Me and everyone else.
The last day of our adventure took place under blue skies, and the breeze was negligible. I finally recalled just how good the Odyssey could be. Even with sore ribs...
It's been a long time since I was so happy to be anywhere, as I was to be in Blinman. I was slower in 2013 than on other Mawson rides, but I'd expected that. It didn't affect my happiness on finishing, that's for sure.

I went to the doctor once I'd gotten back to Adelaide - it turns out that two of my ribs were broken in the Quorn tumble. No wonder it hurt.

Time for a rest I think.

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