Friday, October 11, 2013

Eight hour daze...

Photo: Kristy Hoare
The Labour Day long weekend often throws up a fair bit of work for me and this year was no exception. It proved to be the culmination of a couple of busy weeks.

On Friday night I sang and played on stage as part of my role as an Ethelton Entertainer. I also played in the show band. The Entertainers are a variety troupe that raises money for Camp Quality and also for the local school. As well as crooning, I get to play bass for a couple of weeks; a rare thing these days.

On Saturday  afternoon I played a show under a marquee on Semaphore Road as part of the fabulous Semaphore Music Festival. It was all pretty informal but it was loads of fun. I didn't quite know what to present to the mixed bag of punters so I just did my thing. Nobody threw anything at me so I guess it was a decent enough selection of songs.

Saturday night saw me complete my Vaudevillian duties as we wrapped up the nine-night season of the Ethelton Entertainers. So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye...

On Sunday morning I rose after four hours' sleep and ambled down to the Adelaide Showground Farmers' Market where I sang my heart out for three hours, looking at the world through gritty eyes. It's a great vibe but I probably should have plumped for a lie-in instead. Oh well, I can sleep later.

From there it was back down to the Music Festival for a gig at Semaphore Garden & Pets. It sounds like a weird place to present music but it is actually a lovely environment. Tropical birds and brightly coloured hens wandered around as I ran through my hour-long set in front of a few friends and some passing plant-oriented patrons.

On Monday we took a trip out to Tarlee where I played two brackets for visitors to the Annual Community Market. I rattled out an hour's worth of originals before switching locations and belting out a stream of hits from the fifties onwards for a couple of hours.  I seemed to prove quite popular; not least with the flies. Summer comes quickly once you head north.

Nine shows in seven days. Keeps me out of mischief I guess...

I slept pretty well on Monday night.

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