Thursday, October 3, 2013

Is there something wrong with me?

The personal highlight of the year thus far, musically speaking, has to be my success in SCALA's Festival of Original Music (FOOM) competition. I entered one song in one category - the prestigious Live section.
The song in question, "Is There Something Wrong With Me?", is my newest composition, and I had a bit of faith in its worthiness. But would others feel the same?
I entered, hoping simply that I would get through my heat, if for no other reason than to have something with which to update my songwriting CV. 1997 is starting to look like a long time ago.
The heat went pretty well, I enjoyed performing the number, and the judges obviously saw enough merit in the song to place it in the Grand Final. I was pretty chuffed, to say the least.
Playing at the Final
Photo: Bryan Foley

My guitar, unlike many others I hear about, has never responded poorly to new strings so I replaced mine on the day of the Final. I switched back to using lighter gauge strings - for the previous few months I'd been using slightly heavier strings that I'd snapped up cheap from Allans when it looked like the store was going under. I'd finally run out so I took a walk down to Derringers. I thought I'd revert to my usual 11-52s.
On the night of the Final, I waited patiently to play. I was lucky number 13. There are so many things to set nerves jangling; is it better to perform earlier or later in the evening? Who am I following? Who is on after me? I actually think that these things rarely matter or, if they do, they can work for you as often as against you.
My time came. I played my song and, despite feeling pretty relaxed and happy about the whole affair, the guitar sounded pretty odd. I repeatedly failed to nail one of the chords in the chorus; strings were ringing everywhere. I should have spent more time getting used to my reversion to lighter gauge strings - I thought that I might have shot myself in the guitar. Oh well, there's always next year. Or the year after...
After the 16 performances were done, the judges retired to deliberate while the big crowd was entertained. Then came the raffle draw, then the announcement of the winners in all of the other categories, then the big one.
When I wasn't named in the three "Highly Commended" acts, I figured it was over. The judges then announced that they had selected three winners, and I almost fell off my chair when I was the second person named.
I felt surprised, honoured and over the moon. It was all a little unreal. It took a few days for my feet to touch the ground.
Being a FOOM Live winner is something I will remember forever. Thanks to all concerned.

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