Thursday, September 11, 2014

Flight of the KenChords...

Only four shows left. It's hard to believe that the bulk of the tour is now behind us; part of the vast canon of memories that will support us forevermore.
We are about to depart Canberra, after enjoying its favours, playing a decent show, and accepting the hospitality of our new friend Nigel and his partner, Beth. A (yours) truly wonderful visit.
Our shows keep finding a way of working, despite us playing to a different sort of crowd each night. You couldn't really have two more different audiences than those we entertained in Oodnadatta and Canberra. Both were brilliant.
Our gigs in Port Augusta, Leigh Creek, Broken Hill, Dubbo and Sydney have all provided much in the way of memorable moments.
After nearly four weeks of being somewhere else, I am almost ready to come home. Having said that, I want the next few days to continue to deliver the rocking and rolling highlights that have thus far comprised this crazy life on the road.

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