Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The wash-up at the end of the day...

So, the carnival is over. To have played 22 dates in 28 days, in five states/territories, I think, is no small achievement.
High points include the Cowell, Woomera, Oodnadatta, Leigh Creek, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne shows.We met great people every single place we played. Making new friends is always good. The local publicity in most places was encouraging. The Thai meal in Cobar came not a moment too soon. Maintaining/augmenting our genuine friendship throughout the tour was expected, but still reaffirming. The fact that the time flew by indicates we enjoyed a great life experience. The hospitality offered by strangers was nothing short of magnificent. To have mates drive 100 miles to see us, especially when some can't be arsed travelling three miles, was also strangely encouraging. Gary, the loon from the Rakeba, was an unexpected treasure. Ollie, our mate in Coober Pedy and Melbourne also proved to be a top-notch geezer. Pale Ale is now national.

Town & Country singlets, Gordo's werewolf dance, Japanese sci-fi DVDs, bacon-filled "vegetarian" pasta, a deer with a death wish, sleeping in a storage container, visiting Mount Gambier and not seeing the Blue Lake, guitar-case sticker quests, Chinese French bread sellers, playing naked on the balcony to the whole town at sunset ... it will all be in the book. (I made that last one up)

Lesser moments include enduring the mad Melbourne traffic, both in and out of that place. Entertaining six people at the Grace Emily, in my home town, wasn't the greatest feeling. We had even less in Broken Hill. The Melbourne accommodation made our evening more difficult than it should have been. We were too long away from home, but I guess that was down to me.

All up, the pros outweigh the cons, so let's do it again!  Perhaps after a lie down and a cup of tea.

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