Friday, December 17, 2010

We are the army

My time at the cricket was thoroughly enjoyable. From the moment I walked through the Phil Ridings Gates on a glorious Thursday evening, I knew I was on a winner. I was there to attend a Lord's Taverner's function, featuring the oratory skills of Sir Ian Botham and Ian Healy.
I got to meet and shake hands with Sir Ian, after he had finished regaling the audience with tales of Ashes battles old and new. Beefy is in pretty good shape and, unlike Ian Chappell, I don't think I'd be keen to take him on in a car park stoush.
I met some great people over the course of the five days, both in the stands and up on the hill in the Barmy Army. Some local, some from 12000 miles away. It almost restored my faith in humanity. Almost...
Adelaide Oval is a beautiful place to watch cricket - I hope those members who have an eye on further "development" of the ground remember how magnificent it is right now. Commentators and spectators alike are united in their praise of the visual splendor of the oval and its environs.
The evenings in the pub were brilliant. Hundreds of people, mainly men, singing, dancing and enjoying a drink or three. And not a sign of trouble, no matter how bladdered folk were. The only overly aggressive behaviour I witnessed in the whole time was that of one of the bouncers, who was obviously bored and looking to kick something off. I guess they have a tough job sometimes, but this lad was probably out of his depth, and a smartarse to boot.
The cricket was exciting from the very first over, and was a great advert for the long form of the game. We lost some time due to bad weather, but England still managed to wrap up the match with a few sessions to spare.
The Tuesday afternoon/evening session was big. Getting to the pub at lunchtime, accompanied by the glow of victory, meant for a long day in the saddle. I paid for it on Wednesday.
As I type, it looks like the series will be all tied up going into the Melbourne Test Match on Boxing Day. How I would love to be there!

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