Sunday, January 30, 2011

Another Sunday afternoon...

Adelaide is baking. Two days in a row of 43 degrees, on the back of a warm week, means that citizens have retreated to their darkened lounge rooms, praying that the power doesn't fail. The brick oven houses make even sitting around doing nothing seem like hard work. There are no birds in the sky. The streets are very quiet. Amazingly, the regular Sunday symphony of power tools is missing. Things must be tough...
Being perverse, I thought it might be a good day for a gig. I'd snaffled another appearance at the Burnside Library, the building with the best unplugged acoustics in Adelaide. I set myself the challenge of not playing any of the songs I'd performed on Thursday night at the SCALA gig. I dragged out a few oldies, and a few others that have disappeared from my regular repertoire for whatever reason.
Me, my 12-string, my harmonica and a handful of onlookers. A bit different to The Gov, but every bit as valid.
The venue was cool, Adelaide's population was somewhere else, and I really, really enjoyed myself.

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