Friday, January 28, 2011

Unrestricted views of forever

Two people, two bikes, four legs...
The Encounter Bikeway is a 60 kilometre on/off-road bike route that takes you from Goolwa to Victor Harbor, or the other way around if you are so inclined. Unable to make up our minds, we decided to attempt the return trip.
It's pretty flat, so it's only distance or weather conditions that will make it tough. Given that I hadn't been out on my mountain bike since the spring, I was just a little curious as to how I'd go.
We started out from the boat ramp at Laffin Point (Goolwa), and rode past Victor Harbor to The Bluff (Rosetta Point) before turning around. Victor was full of traffic but outside of that it was a lovely, meditative ride. The clouds gave way to blue sky around the half-way mark, the surf beaches around Middleton looked very inviting, and lunch at Port Elliot was joyous.
We rode 64 kilometres all up, starting just before 9:00 AM and finishing a little before 2:00, thanks to our rather leisurely lunch break and pretty easygoing pace all up. This was a scenic ride to enjoy, rather than race. A grand day out.
Good for the soul.

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