Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bad Back Blues

"What a drag it is, getting old"
Backache is no fun. I am generally in rude health - I ride my mountain bike, I walk most places, I lift and carry without worry, and I even manage the odd game of football. But every now and again my back goes to pieces on me.
It's a legacy of an injury I suffered about five years ago. It came out of nowhere, and laid me flat for days. It took months to get over completely but I am happy to report that, these days, relapses are a rare occurrence indeed.
But the spectre lingers. It has taught me to concentrate when I am working around the place, to focus on my abdominal corset when lifting, and to take just that little bit of extra care when physical exertion is required.
It took me by surprise last Sunday. It just got lucky. Unluckily for me.
The upshot is that I've been off work but, because I am immobile, I haven't been able to do very much. I just lie around, reading, eating and drinking. I feel like a Roman Emperor!

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