Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A return to form?

Once again it's Tuesday, and I am at The Metro. There's loads of people in the pub, all types, most of whom are here for the advertised evening of live music.
In the last month or so I've enjoyed four fantastic gigs at four very different venues. Ken and I performed as Yours Truly at The Grace Emily, before I returned to solo mode to play a SCALA showcase at Higher Ground, a Sunday afternoon session at The Governor Hindmarsh, and a low-key but very enjoyable set at the Burnside Library. I've had a great time at each of the shows, but I can't say the same for my 2011 open mic experiences thus far.
Is it me? Is it the sound? Am I choosing the wrong songs? Am I just bored? Tired? etc etc.
There's no single answer, except to say that things go in cycles, and maybe I've just been a little flat of late.
I have friends here tonight; I've shined my shoes, sought out a shirt worthy of a proper gig, thought about my songs, even had a rehearsal. Egads!
Although I am still feeling tired, things go my way. Because there's a few there to watch me, I steer clear of risky Billy Bragg covers and my own songs that hurt my fingers and affront the listeners' ears. I choose three of my favourite originals, and belt them out. I can tell I am winning. There's enough people looking at me, bobbing heads and tapping feet, to provide encouragement for the artist. Eventually, I step down, happy with my lot.
A little while after my short set, I am back on stage, reliving my youth. I'm playing and singing some classic Jimmy Reed, Chuck Berry and Willie Dixon songs with my mate Lindsay. I used to sing this stuff in bands when I was a teenager. It seems to go down well tonight. The familiar three-chord progression of the 12-bar blues is a winner with the well-oiled crowd.
Time to relax, listen to other people making music, and have a drink.
Welcome back, David, welcome back.

photo: Copyright © Stewart Cook 2011

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