Sunday, February 27, 2011

David Live

The last time I performed in the Fringe was way back in 1988. Today, some 23 years later, I am at Higher Ground. It's not a show that I am staging independently, although I've often thought about doing that. David Robinson - Life is Absurd. A 50-minute one-man show...
Not this year. The venue and SCALA have decided to stage a few Fringe showcases and I have been selected to play. One of the lucky ones.
It's a warm afternoon. Even warmer under the canopy. There's a few people hanging around, comprising friends of the performers and bar staff on a break. A few after-work types drift by. Some stop and listen for a while; most don't. Places to be, I guess.
I do my usual thing. I play for 40 minutes or so, trying to blend my radio-friendly-unit-shifters with a few of my numbers that I only perform every now and again. I think the mix of songs is OK. I'm certainly enjoying it. The 12-string and the harmonica behave themselves, and the foldback is good. Battling the traffic noise is almost fun.
It seems to go down well. A few friends show up, and after I finish I grab a beer and enjoy the sweet sounds of my co-conspirators.
All up it's a very pleasant evening.
I can't hang around too long though as we have a couple of Fringe theatre shows to see.
Does it ever stop?

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