Thursday, March 3, 2011

Best of the Beatles

Tea time on Thursday, and my long weekend stretches out before me. Fringe shows and their attendant reviews aside, I should have a bit of time to play guitar, and work with my latest batch of recordings. I'm trying to whip some live recordings into shape, but I don't want to detract from their natural sound. It's an interesting process. If nothing else, it is helping me get a better understanding of my recording studio software.
I heard an interview with Pete Best today. What an interesting life, in terms of extremes. That whole Beatles thing must cast an enormous shadow. Kicked out of the band just as they started recording for Parlophone. Was it jealousy from the others, the fact that he simply wasn't a particularly good drummer, or something else? He says he's not bothered now. And why should he be? The Beatles Anthology recordings made him a millionaire! Nevertheless, I ordered his latest CD today, and paid real money for it. Maybe I still have a little sympathy for the Liverpool lad who fell at the last hurdle, all those years ago.

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