Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'm a lazy sod

I finished off what had been a very busy week by going to a birthday party on Saturday night. It was a 40th, it was family, it was rock 'n' roll fancy dress.
I wasn't sure I had the energy for all of that.
If someone had just presented me with a Sgt Pepper's outfit it would have been fine, but most of my attempts at striking a balance between making the required effort and still feeling comfortable in myself were feeble at best. Johnny Cash? Easy to do, but the hat didn't fit. Alice Cooper? Done it before. Angus Young? There will be half a dozen of them already at the party...
Ultimately, my Never Mind The Bollocks t-shirt and my old 10-hole Doc Martens were put to good use.

Now that's Rock 'n' Roll! Or, quite possibly, not.

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