Monday, April 4, 2011

On my radio

On Saturday morning I ventured into the studios of Radio Adelaide, a long-time supporter of SCALA and of local music in general, for a chat about this week's gig.
As is the norm, it was a lot of fun. The real challenge is to fit in as much as you can in the allocated 15 minutes, without speaking at a million miles an hour. Ewart Shaw, a stalwart of the station, asked the right kind of questions so I think the chat went well. I got to perform two songs live-to-air; I kicked off with Shining Light, and finished the interview with Say Goodbye. No sweat.
There was, however, an interesting dimension to this early morning experience. There was no signal coming through the headphones, so it was like trying to sing with my fingers in my ears.

I really have no idea of the size of Radio Adelaide's listening audience. I wonder if I was singing to three or four people, or perhaps a few hundred? Either way, I hope you enjoyed it; I was singing just for you.

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