Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mawson: Day One - Lobethal

So here I go again. My fourth crack at riding the Mawson Trail. The 900+ kilometre off-road route from Adelaide to Blinman will transport me to the Flinders Ranges, one of the state's most beautiful areas. If everything goes to plan, in two weeks' time I will be waking up in my tent, a very satisfied man, having completed the journey. Right now though, that seems a long way away.
I think I am well-enough prepared physically and mentally, and I spent a bit of money on the bike last week, so everything should be OK.
Despite the significant challenge, doing something like this has plenty of benefits. I find the long haul treks quite meditative, and the single-purpose nature of most days provides an escape from the usual monkey-minded nature of modern life.
I will be glad to get to the top of the Castambul climb this morning, and even happier if the rain stays away.
Farewell, my safe, suburban life. See you in a fortnight...

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