Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Paul Weller: Adelaide

I went along to the Entertainment Centre on Sunday night, the last day of my rather wonderful extended break, to see Paul Weller. Weller is one of my major influences, and I'm not ashamed to say that I have been a fan for many years - ever since I first heard The Jam back in the late 1970s. I appeared on a Paul Weller tribute CD a few years back which was a great moment for me, as well as being a lot of fun. The track I chose to cover was The Place I Love, from the classic All Mod Cons album.
I've seen him once before; on the Isle of Wight in 2008. That gig was fantastic, the stuff of legend. I wasn't sure how he could top it.
I think, however, that on Sunday he just about did.
Lean, confident, happy and, above all else, accomplished - Weller looked at ease throughout the evening. This was no doubt helped by the wide-ranging talents of the band, and the collective good vibe that was exuded. They roared through a set list that was largely rooted in the last two Paul Weller albums, but featured classics from The Jam and The Style Council, as well as from other solo efforts.
At the tender age of 52, the newly-married Weller gives the impression that he is a man enjoying life, bringing his mod classics to life in front of passionate, informed audiences.
And I am off to Melbourne to see him again next week!

Set list- Oct 17 2010
1. 22 dreams (22 dreams)
2. Push it along (22 dreams)
3. Andromeda (Wake up the nation)
4. 7 & 3 is the striker's name (Wake up the nation)
5. Into tomorrow (Paul Weller)
6. Sea spray (22 dreams)
7. All I wanna do is be with you (22 dreams)
8. That's entertainment (Sound Affects - The Jam)
9. Aim high (Wake up the nation)
10. No tears to cry (Wake up the nation)
11. Shout to the top (single - The Style Council)
12. Up the dosage (Wake up the nation)
13. Broken stones (Stanley Road)
14. How sweet it is (cover)
15. Trees (Wake up the nation)
16. You do something to me (Stanley Road)
17. Empty ring (22 dreams)
18. Pretty green (Sound Affects - The Jam)
19. Start! (Sound Affects - The Jam)
20. Fast car/Slow traffic (Wake up the nation)
21. Moonshine (Wake up the nation)

1. Wake up the nation (Wake up the nation)
2. Pieces of a dream (Wake up the nation)
3. Art School (In the city - The Jam)
4. Come on/Let's go (As is now)

1. The changingman (Stanley Road)
2. Porcelain gods (Stanley Road)

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