Thursday, October 7, 2010

Back in the groove.

Well, here we are then. A week has passed since I last updated this site. Time flies when you're keeping busy.
I guess I've been a little "off" with music for a few weeks. I was happier living the Farmer Giles life, pottering around in the vegetable garden and shed. Such is life. The shed and associated bombsite are looking a lot better. I was strong; I managed to get rid of quite a bit of stuff to friends, family or hard refuse. The inside requires work, but I'm hoping for a productive day on Saturday.
Enough of the mundane aspects of my life. Although, depending on how you look at it, I guess it could all be considered mundane.

I have finished the music and lyrical theme for I Never Noticed. I just need to bed down some decent lyrics.
The Metro was great fun on Tuesday night - I played a song I haven't performed live for ages, Happy Acres. It went down well..
I am rehearsing Beatles' songs with friends tomorrow night for another project.
Yours Truly (Ken & I) will be reuniting and playing in December; I am trying to tee up some gigs for this year's fun and games.
I have been booked to appear on Arts Breakfast on the 16th of this month. I always have a good time at Radio Adelaide and am looking forward to doing it again.
It looks like I have arranged two daytime shows at Goodwood for the end of November.
I have two (two!) Paul Weller concerts to look forward to in the next few weeks. I am hoping for inspiration...
The biggest and best news is that I am playing at Higher Ground on October 21st. Ronnie Taheny had generously asked me to support her at the SCALA showcase she is headlining. I'd better get on with some rehearsing!

Back in the musical saddle. Good times indeed.

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