Thursday, September 30, 2010

The quest for perfect order.

Today, I finally got to grips with my shed. It's a nice place to visit - you can ride on the bike trainer, throw darts, lift weights, listen to music, and see all of the jetsam and flotsam of my life. Stuff that's too good to chuck out, but relatively useless. High school yearbooks, old transistor radios, sets of children's encyclopedias, home brew equipment... you get the idea.
Space is becoming an issue around here, and the shed is the last place in the house where I can gain some space. I hate throwing things away; things that may be useful one day. So I store them, in ever decreasing pockets of available space. Our place is almost full now though, so I need to have a clear out. Ouch.
Phase one is complete. Today I removed a ton of stuff from the shed, and will spend tomorrow working out what can go back in, what can be stored elsewhere, and what has to go.
Hopefully, by the time the weekend is here, I'll be all sorted. Uncluttered shed, uncluttered mind...

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