Sunday, September 5, 2010

That was the week that was

Over the course of the last seven days I have deepened my resolve to work less and live more.
Last Sunday I went for a life-affirming bike ride down along the beachfront. It was a round trip of only 30 kilometres but it was my first ride for a few months. I also gave an unplugged performance at Burnside in the afternoon.
On Monday I baked biscuits, mowed lawns and reorganised book cases and cupboards, before attending a SCALA Board meeting in the evening. A nice meditative sort of day.
Tuesday came along and I went bushwalking around Mt Lofty in the beautiful spring-like morning. I filled the middle of the day with chores and music, before heading down to The Metropolitan Hotel for some open mic action.
Wednesday was set aside to begin the re-stack of my music room, one of those jobs that gets worse before it gets better. Uncluttering the house, and the mind. We made pizzas for tea. I finished my day watching episodes of Monty Python's Flying Circus.
On Thursday we did a lot of work in the vegetable garden, happily getting to the stage of putting a few seedlings into the rich, dark soil. I managed to sneak in a viewing of The Manson Family in the afternoon.
Friday was wet; we tried to dodge the weather and get some boring but essential stuff done in the morning, before I continued with my re-stacking in the afternoon. I watched another film, a Norwegian splatter flick called Cold Prey II. I managed to spill red wine on some of my books; this caused me to swear a little (rather a lot, actually). We enjoyed a four-hour power failure on Friday night, watching candles flicker while I played guitar.
On Saturday I got my hair cut, picked up my repaired watch, and continued reorganising rooms. The power went off again in the afternoon, this time it lasted five hours. I made a curry while we chatted in the candlelight. Once the power resumed, we managed to watch a good portion of Lawrence of Arabia before I decided that sleep was more important...

Who is it that ever manages to get bored?

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