Monday, September 6, 2010

In the City

Nocturnal musical adventures aside, today was my first trip into little ol' Adelaide since returning to these shores almost three weeks ago.
I had a few things to do; I was looking forward a full morning of shopping and other jobs before meeting friends for lunch.
As I walked into town, through the parklands that encircle Adelaide, the damage of the weekend's storms was evident. A few trees had been dramatically ripped apart, and branches were strewn all over the place. Council workers were toiling to chop up debris into bite-size chunks before shipping it off to the Tree Graveyard.
My morning was industrious. I weaved in and out of the human traffic, into shops, banks and offices. Buying, asking, dropping-off and browsing. As expected, the city was the same as when I'd last been in; a merging of the pleasant and the unsightly, the rude and the considerate, the essential and the trivial...
I left the centre of town with a bag full of books, magazines, mountain bike accessories and some computer bits & pieces. I was pretty satisfied that I'd successfully completed my mission.
Lunch at Citi Zen was enjoyable and nourishing, and I capped a good day's work off with a walk home.

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