Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Brecknock

Did you hear the one about the Irish pub that was mistaken for a Chinese restaurant?

I had a couple of pints in The Brecknock this afternoon, following a successfully navigated lunch appointment. All the talk about The Brecknock at the moment is that, after many years of serving Guinness to thirsty punters, it is being sold/demolished/replaced with a Chinese restaurant. I thought this was a certainty but, if it is, no-one has told The Brecknock. The bar staff denied that any such events were happening, and there was a notice on the bar from 'the management' refuting that anything other than much needed maintenance was about to take place.

I can state here, without any fear of contradiction, that Adelaide's oldest and best fake Irish pub (ie not actually in Ireland) might be closing. Or might not.

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