Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Playing with others.

I am very happy being a solo artist. I can be as fervent, or as slack, as I choose about rehearsals, there's no internal politics, and I win all the arguments about song selection.
I do, however, get a real buzz out of occasionally collaborating with other musicians. This is something that I have recently rediscovered, perhaps only in the last three years or so.
Working with others is something I didn't do for many years, after playing for a decade or so in bands that, more often than not, ended in acrimonious circumstances. I'd had enough of the 'artistic differences' and the discordant aspiration so I decided that I'd be better served running my own race.
In recent times I have rehearsed and performed with others and, despite my initial reservations, it has been a great experience.
Two guitars and two vocals gives you more than double the sound; it gives you options and opportunities to completely change your sound. A little percussion often helps lift a song. And, of course, there is that lovely sense of synergy you get; that you are better because you are playing together.
So, to Lindsay, Ken, Stewart, Costa, John, Catherine and Corey, a big thanks for sharing the performance space(s) with me. Long may it continue.


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