Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Good Life II

After making a few decent tilts at the vegetable garden, I think we are now at a stage where we are headed in the right direction. The first job was the worst: digging out the soil from the beds and re-setting the sleepers. It was heavy work, and we had to do it in all sorts of weather, but it was necessary. The gaps were getting so big that earth and water were just pouring out.
We've removed all the dead plants, fed the soil, and cut back the plants that we think will go for another season. The spinach and silverbeet are going gangbusters, and we'll be eating broad beans in a couple of weeks. Chives, parsley, chillies, thyme and rosemary are almost perennial crops in our garden. We've sowed our tomato, beetroot and basil seeds, and we expect to see the rocket poking its head out soon. The fruit trees are healthy.
We are looking forward to cooking and eating plenty of our own produce over the next few months!

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