Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lofty ideas.

Taking advantage of yesterday's warmer weather, we went walking in the hills. We chose one of Adelaide's most popular bushwalking trails, the 3.7 kilometre uphill track that leads from Waterfall Gully up to Mt Lofty Summit, the highest point in the Mt Lofty Ranges.
We weren't the only people who'd had a notion to walk; the carpark was full and we were lucky to find a spot.
As we set off, it occurred to me that I hadn't been along this route for quite a few years. Not sure why... We passed the old turnoff to Castle Rock, one of my favourite places, sadly now inaccessible. I have sat on that bald outcrop on many occasions, marveling at the view, composing crappy poetry in my head, and eating homemade fruitcake.
The walk was great. The waterfalls were booming, thanks to the recent rains. The views and scenery were awesome, and we saw our fair share of wildlife. We spotted a koala nestled in its tree, and saw red-browed firetails, superb fairy wrens, and what might have been a singing honeyeater. I was breathing a little hard at times, and my heart was occasionally beating ten to the bar, but it was a very enjoyable excursion. We did it at quite a good clip too, earning our coffee at the summit.
Coming down was slightly quicker, and a little harder on the joints, if not the lungs.
I must do more walking in the hills. It's good for the soul.

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